Sponsors & Donors

The success of the Billerica Holiday Festival is the direct result of the support and contributions received from businesses, residents and friends.

Support comes in many forms. Options include direct financial assistance in the form of monetary donations, tree and decoration donations for the Home for the Holidays tree raffle, as well as Holiday Banner Sponsorships and monies realized from the sale of the Holiday Reception tickets.

The links below represent the depth of support enjoyed by the Billerica Holiday Festival.

Those that made it all possible in 2017!

2018 Sponsorship Forms

fillable_pdf_form           standard_pdf_form

As in past years, we have our traditional “Standard” Sponsorship Form that we will be using where you can print it out, fill it out by hand, and then mail it in to us along with any contribution you are making.

We also have the a “Fillable PDF” Sponsorship Form. With this form you can download it; fill it our on your computer; save it; and then email it to us at billericaholidayfestival@gmail.com.
NOTE: You must download the Fillable PDF locally to your computer and open it in a PDF Viewer (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader) to fill it out. You must save a copy of the PDF after it is filled out and attach it to the email you send us.

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